Food Film and Video Production

Videos engage more, extend your online reach.

Increase your brand awareness through video.

We have the capability to produce promotional food video content using advanced high-speed cameras, elevating the visual appeal of the footage and ensuring it stands out as captivating and exceptional.

Food videos for food-loving brands and agencies.

Making sure people can find you online is crucial to growing your brand. Engaging video content is the most efficient way to extend your online reach.

Vertical food videos are going viral.

Ensure your business capitalizes on its social media reach. Leverage gorgeous 15 to 60-second videos designed for vertical social media channels, including Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Stories, and Pinterest Video Pins. 

More than 75% of worldwide video viewing is on a mobile device.

Short-Form Food Video Content

Short-form videos, typically ranging from 15 to 60 seconds, are widely popular on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. These quick, engaging clips cater to the fast-paced nature of social media consumption.

Stop-motion Video and Animation

Let our food stylists and photographers create a fun, animated short video to highlight your recipe, product, or process. It could be anything from a simple stop-motion short to a complex animation with multiple scenes. Looking for more food-related videos?

Stop-motion Animation from 6 to up to 30 seconds.

Fun, short videos with multiple scenes portraying recipe steps or complex actions.

Many food videos are instructional, providing step-by-step tutorials for cooking or baking specific dishes. We can break down food video recipes into easy-to-follow segments, making it accessible for a wide audience.

Do you have a photo and video Project?

Foodivine® Studio is located in Toronto, Ontario, and serves clients all over Canada and the United States, from Montreal to New York.